Zipline Adventure Park

Zipline Adventure Park

Honeysuckle Hill Farm’s Adventure Park has fun for all ages including our Ziplines, Rock Climbing Wall, Bungee Trampoline and Tennessee’s Only Summer Tubing Run. Great for birthday parties, family outings, and corporate team building.

 Adventure Pass

Honeysuckle Hill Farm’s Adventure Pass has fun for all ages including our Two Ziplines, Rock Climbing Wall, Bungee Trampoline and Tennessee’s Only Summer Tubing Run (coming June 2017). Great for birthday parties, family outings and corporate team building. A great value for only $30 per person.

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$30.00 per person
Reservations Required

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Who can take a Zipline?

We require a minimum weight of 70lbs and a maximum weight of 250lbs on our Zipline.  Our required age is 10, but we recommend 12 or older, and we require anyone under the age of 15 to be accompanied by an adult.  The Zip Line requires hand breaking and your participation is required.  Everyone taking a Zip Line ride is required to sign a waiver.  The zip line experience requires little physical exertion, although it is not for anyone who has a serious fear of heights.  (Heights exceed 100 feet.)    Please do not Zip if you are of poor health, pregnant, or have recently had surgery.  You will be required to climb twelve sets of stairs on our Sky Towers.

What should I wear on the Zipline?

Closed-toed secure shoes are required (no sandals or flip flops).  Wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the weather. You may want to bring bug spray and sunscreen. In cold or wet weather be sure to bring a jacket. We will provide a helmet and harness that secure around your waist and both legs.

What if I am scared?

You are not alone, almost everyone gets anxious or nervous, it’s all part of the fun!   Our professional guides will educate you on the procedures, explain the hazards, and calm any fears you may have.   You will be carefully double clipped onto steel cables which are equipped to support more than one ton of weight; that’s 2,000 LBS or as much as an elephant!

Are reservations necessary for Honeysuckle Hill Zipline?

No reservations are required. The Ziplines are available during the Fall Festival on Fridays from 3pm until dark, Saturdays from 10am until dark, and Sundays 12pm until dark.

Can you still ride the zip line in bad weather?

We will temporarily close the zip line due to lightning or heavy rain, or snow.  We will attempt to contact you, however please call ahead in the case of inclement weather

How large a group can you accommodate?

Our platforms can comfortably hold 8 guests at a time.  We will combine small groups or split up larger groups.  After the first group has gone through another group can go through approximately 15-30 minutes behind.

How Do You Train Your Zipline  Staff?  Who Designed and Built your Ziplines?

At Honeysuckle Hill Zip Line safety is our number one priority. Our staff has been certified by Signature Research, Inc. who follows the ACCT safety Standards. Signature Research also designed and built our premium Zipline according to the ACCT professional building standards.  All of our equipment is very high quality and the course is inspected daily.

Do we need to sign A Waiver?

YES, you are required to sign a waiver of liability, and an assumption of risk and indemnification before the tour.  All children/minors not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian will need to sign a copy of the Honeysuckle Hill Zip Line Waiver before participating.

Until our Fall Season begins on September 24th and after November 5th, all Adventure Park Outdoor Activities Ziplines are available by RESERVATION only.

And don’t forget to check out our Lil Rascals Ziplines, Rock Climbing Wall, Bungee Trampoline, Jumping Pillows and much, much more! At Honeysuckle Hill Adventure Park, there’s something thrilling for everyone!